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May 3rd, 2014              

    Jayden's second soccer game went much better than the first, as her team cruised to a 5-3 victory, and Jayden managed to score her first goal of the season! Jay spent the entire game in the field today, without getting a chance to play goalie. She played both offense and defense, and she did a good job while she was on the field. She had several shots on goal, culminating in her first goal, of course. She proudly proclaimed after the game that she could have had three more goals (but most of her kicks were either just wide of the net or right to the goalkeeper). All in all, a good day for Jay's team despite the unseasonably cool weather.

AYSO Game 2 - vs. U8 Girls #5

Jayden dribbling the ball towards the net...

...and taking the first of many shots on goal today.

Jay battling for the ball with three defenders around her.

Jay moving the ball down the field.

Jay chasing after the ball.

Jay lining up a long shot on goal.

Jay trying to outrun the crowd with the ball.

Jay dribbling the ball once again.

Jay ready to kick the ball right in front of the net...

...and watching as it hits the back of the net.

Jay looking for an open teammate to throw the ball to...

...before launching a throw towards the net.

Jayden lining up another shot on goal...

...that wound up in the arms of the goalkeeper.

Jay trying to take another shot.

Jay throwing the ball in from the sideline once again.

Jay shot this shot just wide of the net.


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