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May 17th, 2014              

    I wasn't able to attend Jayden's soccer game today, but Tara was there. She did a nice job taking pictures, and she was able to witness Jay break out on offense, as she scored three goals today, helping her team secure a 5-3 victory! Great job Jayden!

AYSO Game 4 - vs. U8 Girls #4

Jayden racing down the field after the ball.

Jay dribbling the ball down the field.

Jay dribbling the ball between two defenders.

Jay got a chance to play in goal today.

Jay throwing the ball out after making a save.

Jay throwing the ball out once again.

Jay trying to outrun the opposition to the ball.

Jay watching as her teammate turns the ball around in front of her.

Jay looking to make a pass to her open teammate.

Jay watching the battle for the ball ensue.

Not sure what the parent (or is that a coach?) is doing on the field...

Jay dribbling the ball once again.

Jay lining up a big kick while playing defense.


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