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May 29th, 2014              

    Tara & I were attending Samantha's final track meet tonight, and therefore had to miss Jayden's game. Grandma Terry was available, however, and managed to get her to the game despite us telling her the wrong time. In the mix-up, she failed to grab her camera, and instead was forced to use her cell phone. I chose the "best" pictures to post here. As for the game, there isn't a lot to say as Jay's team cruised to an easy 7-0 victory.

AYSO Game 6 - vs. U8 Girls #2

Jayden (in the purple and green socks) chasing after the ball.

Jay trying to shield her eyes from the sun as she watches the action take place down the field while playing defense.

Another picture of Jay trying to keep the sun out of her eyes, this time while she watches her teammates down the field while stands tall in goal.


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