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June 7th, 2014              

    Jayden's soccer team played their final game of the season today, and for a while there it seemed as though they didn't even know that they were playing! Jayden started the game out in goal, and while she made some really nice saves, she faced a lot of shots and wound up giving up two goals. Her teammates helped her out by getting one of those goals back, but they trailed 2-1 after the first quarter. Jay moved to offense in the second quarter, and she scored the game tying goal on a nice long kick from outside the keeper box. Jay sat the third quarter, and her team wound up allowing another goal during this time frame. They gave up yet another goal in the fourth, falling behind by two. It was only a furious rally late that wound up giving the girls any chance at victory. Two goals in the last few minutes by Jay's teammate gave the girls a 4-4 tie against the team that handed them their only loss of the season. The girls ended the year with a 6-1-1 record, which is more than respectable.

AYSO Game 8 - vs. U8 Girls #3

Jayden started the game in goal today.

Jay throwing the ball out to her teammates after making a save.

Jay going out and challenging a shot on goal.

Jay knocking down a shot on goal...

...before bending over to grab the ball.

Jay leaning over to make another save...

...and scooping the ball up.

Jay dribbling the ball down the field.

Jay driving the ball toward the net.

Jay challenging the ball at midfield.

Jay turning the ball around in the center of the field.

Jay dribbling the ball around a defender.

Jayden running down the field.

Jay going after the ball once again.

Jay rushing down the field.

Jay dribbling the ball across the middle of the field.


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