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October 4th, 2014              

    Jayden and her teammates played a rematch against the team that they lost 7-0 to early in the season. Things didn't get off to a great start in today's game for Jay's team either, as she started in goal and let two shots get past her. Her team couldn't sustain any offense during the entire game, and wound up settling for a 5-0 defeat. At least they are closing the gap...

Fall AYSO Game 5 - vs. U8 Girls #2

Jayden started out today's game in goal.

Jay throwing the ball out to her teammates after making a save.

Jay with the ball after making another save.

Jay grabbing the ball as it gets to her legs.

Jayden open for a pass from her teammates while playing offense.

Jay kicking the ball down the field.

Jay trying to make a move around a defender.

Jay trying to dribble the ball out past a crowd of defenders.

Jay gaining control of a bouncing ball.

Jay doing her best to get her foot on the ball.

Jay leading a fast break with the ball.

Jay taking a big kick after being knocked down...

...and watching as she follows through.


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