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June 12th, 2014              

    Jayden and her VFW teammates finally managed to play their final game of the season after several rain delays. Unfortunately for them things haven't been going according to plan, as they have lost 3 out of their last 4 games including tonight's contest. Jayden hasn't done her part at the plate, as she continues to struggle. She hasn't let that affect her fielding, however, as she continues to gobble up everything hit her way. They definitely could have used more offense tonight, though, as they fell by a score of 12-4.

Game 10 - vs. Advanced Technology Consultants

Jayden playing at second base in the field.

Jay was ready to hit tonight!

Jay had nice form on her swings today...

...but it made little difference.

Jay moved to the pitchers mound next.

Jay threw the ball back to the opposing coach.

Jay at the plate once again looking for that elusive hit.

Unfortunately Jay's swing got flat late in the game...

...and left her with no chance to get a hit.


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