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June 4th, 2014              

    Things weren't looking good for Jayden and her VFW teammates early in this game, but a late rally made the score more than respectable, despite the fact that the game ended in a loss for the good guys. Jayden didn't see much action come her way in the field, but she did get several at-bats during the course of the game. Unfortunately she continues to struggle, often swinging with her eyes closed. She came up to bat in a key situation late in the game with the bases loaded, but she couldn't secure the hit her team needed to put them in the lead. With only one regular season game remaining before the playoffs there isn't much time for her to figure this out...

Game 12 - at KLT Services

Jayden ready for the game to begin, playing second base.

Jay certainly looks ready for a hit when she goes up to the plate, as she concentrates intently on the pitching machine.

Despite having her eyes closed, Jay somehow just missed this pitch.

Jay swinging and missing another pitch.

Jay starts off her swing with her eyes open, but closes them as her bat crosses the plate...

...and then she reopens them on her follow through.

Jayden playing in the outfield.

Jay swinging the bat once again.

Jay was determined to get a hit today, but it wasn't meant to be for her.

Jay in the outfield once again.


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