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May 19th, 2014              

    Tara got to watch as Jayden and her VFW teammates cruised to an easy 8-0 victory tonight. Jay continues to struggle at the plate - so much so that she is ready to give up on baseball. She is doing fine in the field and her throws are generally strong and on target. If only she could make contact with the ball a few times to build up her confidence...

Game 8 - vs. American Legion

Jayden was ready for action while playing in the field today.

Jay swings the bat well, but has a tendency to close her eyes when she does.

Jay had to make sure the dirt beneath her feet was just right...

...before settling into position for the next play.

Jay swinging hard once again.

Another shot of Jayden looking for a hit.

Jay got a chance to play "pitcher" in the field today.


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