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June 18th, 2014              

    Jayden and her VFW teammates made it to the playoffs as the #2 overall seed. Unfortunately for them they have been having a rough go of it lately, losing 3 of their last 4 games. Jay has been really struggling at the plate lately, but she was optimistic after taking some batting practice with one of the coaches over the weekend. She did manage to make contact with the ball, but not good enough to get a base hit out of it. The rest of her team struggled while batting as well, and they wound up losing the game by a 5-0 score. Jay played all over in the field today, spending time in the infield at both second base and pitcher, and in the outfield. She did a decent job fielding the ball today, however.

    It has become increasingly clear that baseball is not Jayden's sport - she just doesn't love the game like she does soccer. She has reached the conclusion that she would rather take up ballet once again in the fall, and because of that tonight may have been Jay's final baseball game. While we are sad to see her want to quit, we don't want her to do something that she doesn't want to participate in.

Playoff Game 1 - vs. KLT Services

Prior to the start of the game the teams lined the base lines for the playing of the national anthem.

Jayden started the game playing second base.

Jay moving into the outfield to serve as the cutoff man.

Jay back in position on the infield.

Jay with the ball looking to throw the ball in to the second baseman.

Jay running to the bench after the end of an inning.

Jayden next moved to centerfield.

Jay getting some words of advice from her coach in the outfield.

Jay swinging the bat, looking for a base hit.

Jay's swing looked better today...

...but unfortunately she missed this pitch.

Jay ready to get that elusive base hit.

Jay after throwing the ball from the outfield.

Jay in the outfield once again.

Jay back at the plate...

Jay swinging the bat...

...and following through.

Jay swinging the bat once again.

Jay even got a chance to play pitcher tonight!


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