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April 24th, 2014              

    On April 24th the kids elementary school welcomed the Ann Arbor Science Museum into town by hosting a math and science night. Here the kids could participate in lots of science and math related experiments. I tried to do my best taking pictures, but Drew and Jayden tended to head in different directions, depending on which way their friends went... Enjoy the photos I managed to take!

TEAM Patterson Math & Science Night

Tyler looking on as Samantha helps out by measuring a student with a variety of different objects.

Jayden smiling for a picture while playing in the goo.

Another shot of Jay messing with the goo.

Drew mixed red, blue, and yellow liquids together to create all of the colors of the rainbow!

Jay taking part in a mathematical experiment using pennies.

Tyler used a fish to measure Drew's height.

Drew and his friends taking a turn messing around with the goo.

Sam measuring a little student.

Drew trying to crank out enough electricity to light up the light bulb. He only managed a dim glow... perfect for a nightlight!

Drew using centrifugal force to keep water inside of a bucket as he swings it over his head.

Drew and Jay trying to hold a balloon race.

After switching balloons, Jay managed to get hers to touch the wall.

Drew and Jay trying once more to race.

Drew's balloon didn't want to move up the string very well, but if he kept it aligned it did just fine.

Sam and Tyler helping out at their measuring table.


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