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January 4th, 2014              

    Drew and I heard a commercial on the radio on our way back from his hockey game today telling about the opportunity to skate on the ice with the Michigan Warriors hockey team after their game tonight. He has been wanting to attend one of their games for quite a while now, so we discussed it with Tara and decided that tonight was as good a night as any on our calendar. We headed to the Perani Events Center to get tickets, and were (easily) able to secure seats right on the glass. Drew was in heaven watching the game this close. He was able to see everything that took place on the ice. Hopefully he picked up a few pointers during the game!

    After the game the kids all went out on the ice to skate with the team. They really enjoyed this part of the evening, as they all got a chance to make their way around the rink. Jayden eventually managed to convince Tyler to let me have my skates so that I could go out with her, so I had the opportunity to skate with the kids as well.

    This turned out to be a great way to spend an evening with the kids. It was very affordable ($38.00 for 6 seats on the glass? Try that at a Red Wings game...) and the Warriors even won in a shutout!

Michigan Warriors Hockey Game

The Warriors mascot Skully started out sitting with some fans in a section near us...

...and eventually settled in next to Samantha and Tyler.

A little bit of the on ice action. The Warriors are in red and white.

A scrum behind the net between the two teams.

Drew was loving watching the game from up close.

Drew and Jayden posing for a picture together.

Drew posing for a picture.

Sam and Jay on the ice during the second intermission helping to pick up pucks used in a promotional game.

Tyler, Samantha, Drew, and Jayden on the ice after the game.

A closer look at Sam, Jay, Drew, and Tyler.

Sam skating across the ice.

Jayden skating along the wall.

Drew speeding across the ice.

Tyler skating in front of Drew.

Sam making her way around once again.

Samantha and Drew posing with their #29 counterpart on the Warriors.

Sam skating as Rodney walks along the ice with Jayden (in front of him).

Drew, Sam, Skully, Jay, and Rodney posing for a picture.

Rod, Jay, and Sam skating on the Warriors ice.


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