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November 24th, 2014              

    Tara managed to snag four seats to the Detroit Red Wings game at work today, and offered them up to me and the boys. Samantha had a volleyball game, so she wasn't able to join us, and Jayden chose not to go. Traffic was a little rough going downtown, but we managed to get to the arena before the start of the game. Our seats weren't exactly premium - in fact they were in the very last row in the upper bowl (the second level). In reality the view wasn't too bad from there, and for free there is no reason to complain. Both Drew and Tyler enjoyed themselves, but it was definitely Drew who was most into the game. He lives and breathes hockey, so being there in person was as good as it gets for him. The Wings jumped out to an early lead, and wound up hanging on for a 4-3 victory against the Ottawa Senators.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Ottawa Senators

The entrance to Joe Louis Arena.

The view from our seats - in the very last row of the stadium.

A closer look as the players are warming up.

Drew and Tyler in our seats.

Another look at the players warming up.

The opening faceoff.

Another faceoff later in the game.

The final score was a 4-3 Red Wings victory!

The team celebrating their victory.

The players skating toward the bench and acknowledging the crowd.


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