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February 22nd, 2014              

    Tara & I participated in our first 5k race of the year on Saturday, February 22nd. The race was the "Run Your Ice Off 5K" and took place on/near the campus of the University of Michigan - Flint. Although our results weren't anywhere near our best ever, that is largely attributed to a major lack of training (at least partially due to the incredibly cold and snowy winter taking it's toll on us mentally). We also ran with two of our friends (we didn't actually run together... we ran at our own paces), Beth and Colleen. Beth had the best time out of all of us, and finished 56th. Colleen got 160th and Tara came in at 247th place. For some reason I show up on the results page as "not found", but according to the time on my GPS I would have came in somewhere around 133rd place. Not too shabby considering there were 350 participants and I only ran less than 10 times all year so far. Great job to all involved!

    I do have to apologize for the picture quality... I gave the camera to Drew to take pictures for me but I forgot to put it in auto mode, so the pictures would have been great had they been taken in the basketball gym or the hockey rink, but not so good when taken outside! Also, Beth snuck by so fast that the kids completely missed taking her picture!

Run Your Ice Off 5k

Rodney heading out on the opening leg of the race.

Tara making her way around the course.

Rodney running along.

Rodney heading towards the kids.

Rodney looking at the camera as he runs by.

Colleen heading towards the camera.

Colleen waving to her family and our kids.

Tara waving at the camera as she passes by.


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