Samantha's 13th Birthday

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June 7th, 2014              

    Samantha decided that she wanted to have a group of her friends over for a bonfire this year to celebrate her birthday. She whittled down her guest list before deciding where to host her party, which was done at Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry's house - we thought that their bonfire pile was much manageable than ours would be. The girls spent most of their time hanging around outside playing soccer, basketball, and other games. Once they moved inside for the evening Sam opened her cards and gifts from her friends before eventually calling it a night. It took a long time for the girls to go to bed at night, as their giggling was nearly unbearable for Tara & I at times. They slowly woke up in the morning, typically just before their parents arrived to pick them up in the morning.

Samantha's Birthday Slumber Party

Samantha getting ready to kick the soccer ball to one of her friends.

Sam's friends enjoying dinner on the deck.

Drew, Steven, Tyler, and Tyler's friend eating dinner.

The girls playing soccer in the yard while waiting for the bonfire to take off.

Another picture of the girls playing soccer.

Some of the girls hanging around while Tyler and Steve goof off together.

One of Sam's friends walking across the driveway.

Sam and Tyler's friends playing basketball while Drew laughs in the wagon.

Sam reading one of her cards.

Sam laughing at another card.

Sam looking at one of her gifts.

June 8th, 2014              

    After spending the night hanging out with her friends, Samantha celebrated becoming a teenager with her family on Sunday, June 8th. She wants to thank both of her sets of grandparents as well as Uncle Steve for being there to celebrate with her!

Samantha's Family Birthday Party

Samantha posing with her birthday cupcake.

Sam "shooting" with the lighter.

Sam lighting her candles.

Sam gets a little embarrassed while...

...having "Happy Birthday" sung to her.

Sam blowing out her candles.

Drew and Steven posing for a photo while waiting for Sam to open her presents and cards.

Samantha reading a card.

Sam checking out the necklace that Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Gail gave her.

Sam was pleased with her Starbucks gift card.


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