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January 12th, 2014              

    The first game of the season for the Michigan Avengers took place on a Sunday afternoon, and while the game didn't go exactly as planned it was a good opportunity for the girls to see what they were going to be up against. This one turned out to be an extremely low scoring affair, dominated by defense on both ends of the court. The Avengers could only manage 10 points over the 40 minutes of game time, while allowing the Mystics to score 16. The girls improved and began to gel together as the game wore on, so it wasn't all a lost cause. Samantha played ok in her time on the court. She did a decent job on defense, as she usually does, but didn't do anything outstanding on offense to make a major impact on the game... though she wasn't the only one with that issue in this game.

Game 1 - at Michigan Mystics

Samantha in the paint battling for a rebound.

Sam catching a pass from a teammate...

...and turning to take a shot.

Sam running back down the court.

Sam in position on defense.

Sam crouched low on defense. (She isn't a fan of the long shorts... she spent most of her time on the court holding the bottom of them up like this.)

Sam getting her hands up to disrupt a pass.

Sam doing her best to keep the player she is defending out of the lane.

Sam dribbling the ball on offense.

Sam passing the ball to a teammate in the lane.

The final score was a low scoring 16-10 defeat.


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