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January 26th, 2014              

    The final game of the weekend was a rematch of the second game of the tournament, against the Tri-City Nets. The game was pretty much a replay of that one, right down to the nearly identical final score. The girls lost this game 31-14, giving up one point less in the rematch while matching their own score. The good news out of this game? The tournament is over!

Game 10 - at Tri-City Nets

Samantha moving her feet defensively.

Sam had a tough time dribbling against the Nets pressure defense (as did several girls on the Avengers).

Sam moving to get open for a pass from her teammate.

Sam guarding the inbounds pass.

Sam moving out to cover #21.

Sam watching as her teammate battles for a loose ball.

The final score was another loss, this time by a score of 31-14.


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