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January 12th, 2014              

    The second game of the day went a little better than the first, but then again they were facing a seventh grade team. Since most of Samantha's team consists of 8th graders, it would have been a little disappointing to have lost this game. Needless to say the girls played a better game all around than they did in their first game of the season, as they were able to pass the ball amongst themselves and manage to get some open shots out of it. They also had a significant height advantage in this game, and they used that to rebound and score on put-backs. Sam played better in this game as she grew more comfortable on the court. She didn't score, but she had a couple of good looks and she continued to play tight defense, managing a couple of steals in addition to a few rebounds. By the time the game was done, the Avengers had cruised to an easy 35-16 victory.

Game 2 - at Hurricanes (7th)

Samantha doing her best to keep her eye on the ball and her player at the same time.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court.

Sam passing the ball to a teammate.

Sam firing up a shot from the outside.

Sam playing tight defense on her player.

Sam trying to recover on defense.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court once again.

Sam moving into the lane while looking for a rebound.

Sam getting her hand up on defense.

Sam dribbling around the three-point line.

Sam lining up a shot...

...and taking it.

Samantha passing the ball ahead to her teammates.

Sam dribbling against some full court pressure.

Sam inbounding the ball.

The final score, a 35-16 victory for the Avengers!


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