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January 12th, 2014              

    The final game of the day started out pretty sluggish, as the Avengers team fell behind early and remained trailing at halftime by 4 points. They came out aggressively in the second half, however, and surged to a big victory over the 8th grade Hurricanes team. This game was probably their best overall of the tournament, as they worked together in all phases of the game - offensively, defensively, and on the glass. Samantha had a good game handling the ball and battling for both rebounds and loose balls, although she was scoreless once again (she had a couple of nice looks, but just couldn't connect). By the time the second half was over, the girls had gone on an offensive surge that saw the 4 point deficit erased and replaced by a 13 point lead, as they won the game by a score of 32-19, holding the Hurricanes to just 4 second half points. Great job girls!

Game 3 - at Hurricanes (8th)

Samantha looking to pass the ball inside to a teammate.

Sam reaching for a pass.

Sam battling for a loose ball under the basket.

Sam bringing the ball up the court.

Sam fighting for a rebound in the lane.

Sam keeping an eye on the ball while staying in a good defensive position.

Sam started out diving on the floor during this battle for a loose ball, but the other girl practically dragger her to her feet before she let go!

Sam chasing down a loose ball.

Sam passing the ball out to a teammate on the wing.

Sam surveying the defense before making her next move.

Sam trying to dribble around her defender.

Sam playing defense.

Sam trying to keep her man out of the lane.

Sam on defense once again.

Sam with a hand in the face of the player she is guarding.

Sam fighting for a rebound in the lane.

Sam getting a hand up on a shooter.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court on a fast break.

The final score, a 32-19 victory!


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