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January 19th, 2014              

    Samantha and her Avengers teammates returned to the court again this weekend to play three more games. The first game today took place against the Pioneers, and while it was a good game overall the Avengers girls were never able to grab a lead. They battled back and forth throughout, but in the end fell 6 points shy of victory. Sam had a decent game today - she managed to score 3 points (on a layup and a free throw), but she also let the player she was guarding by her a couple of times on defense. She battled for rebounds and just missed a couple of steals, so overall I would say it was a positive game. She missed a couple of open looks from outside today, but her shot isn't off by much - maybe just a little confidence will go a long way for her...

Game 4 - at Pioneers

Samantha passing the ball to one of her teammates.

Another pass to a teammate from Sam.

Sam guarding her player on defense.

Sam doing her best to pressure a pass from a much taller player.

Sam catching a pass from a teammate...

...and laying it in for two points.

Sam firing up a jumper from outside.

Sam lining up another shot...

...and hoisting away over the outstretched arms of a defender.

Sam driving towards the basket.

Samantha shooting a free throw.

Sam taking (and making) her second free throw attempt.

Sam lined up on the lane as her teammate attempts a free throw.

The final score, a 25-20 loss for the Avengers.


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