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January 25th, 2014              

    When the Avengers coach was approached about participating in this tournament, he was asked to do so in the 7th grade bracket. Since he had a 7th grade team last year but was forced to play in 8th grade brackets, he politely declined despite the warning that playing in the 8th grade bracket would result in 30 point losses in each game. With that dire prediction in mind, the team headed into today's games with the intention of proving it wrong.

    The girls came out strong, not letting the negative thoughts effect them. Playing against teams that have obviously played together more often and for longer than they have they battled tough to keep the game as close as they could. Unfortunately, despite a close first half, the girls weren't able to hang with the Legacy team in the second half as they began to pull away. When the final buzzer sounded, the result was a 22 point loss in a 37-15 game. Samantha played OK today, but it was obvious that she was nervous during her time on the court.

Game 7 - at Legacy

Samantha moving into position on defense.

Sam keeping an eye on the ball while sticking her her player on defense.

Sam watching her player make a pass.

Sam moving in for a rebound.

Samantha looking for a teammate to pass to as she is double-teamed.

Sam getting ready to make a pass.

The final score of the game was a tough 37-15 defeat.


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