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June 5th, 2014              

    Samantha and her teammates were able to put together another strong game tonight. After cruising to an easy victory in their last game (which Sam missed), the Holly Red team did the same today. They received good pitching throughout the contest, and the hitting remained strong. Even Sam got in on the action today - instead of her usual walks, she managed to go 1-2 from the plate today, with one groundout and one single. She did manage one walk in her last at-bat, but she was just happy to get a chance to put the bat on the ball for a change. Sam did struggle in the field a bit today, letting a couple of grounders get past her... nutmegged, as she would say (through her legs). She made up for it later on though, when she managed to tag a runner out who was attempting to steal second base. As the throw arrived from the catcher, Sam and the runner collided, but Sam held on to the ball. The ump wasn't sure whether or not to call the runner safe or out, so he told Sam to "Show me the ball." She slowly lifted her glove out from the pile and opened it, revealing the ball for all to see, and the ump called the runner out. Of course I failed to get a single picture of the play as I admittedly got a little caught up in the action! By the time the game was over, the score was 13-2, in favor of the Red team, moving them to 8-0-1 on the season.

Game 10 - vs. Hartland 4

Samantha throwing the ball to the pitcher.

Neither Sam nor the right fielder were able to get to this shallow pop fly.

Sam was thankful her teammates were backing her up when she let this grounder sneak through her legs.

Sam was happy to get a pitch to hit for a change...

...and although she was thrown out at first base, she was grinning knowing that she got a chance to make contact with the ball.

Sam got pulled off the bag on this pickoff throw...

...and couldn't quite get the tag on the runner in time.

Sam in the ready position while playing second base.

Samantha swinging the bat during her second at-bat of the game...

...and making good contact with the ball...

...before touching first base safely...

...and ending the run with a little hop of excitement!

Sam was all smiles after stealing second base.

Later in the game Sam had another chance to pick off a runner, but the throw was a little late.

Sam in position at second base once again.

Sam in her final at-bat of the day.

Sam running to first base after taking a walk.

Sam getting a lead off of first base.

Sam leading off of second base.

Sam rounding third base on a teammates hit into left field.


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