Game 11

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June 10th, 2014              

    Samantha and her teammates didn't play their best game today, but they were still able to secure another victory against a team from Hartland. Sam played much better in the field today, catching everything that came her way, be it a pop fly, a grounder, or a throw from the catcher. She also swung the bat very well tonight, making contact each and every time she headed to the plate. She not only got a hit tonight, but she also came around to score a run after stealing second, third, and home.

Game 11 - at Hartland 2

Samantha starting the game in her usual 2nd base spot.

Sam waiting for a throw from home on a steal attempt.

Sam swinging and driving a ball down the third base line...

...and following through as the ball landed foul.

Sam lining up her bat while looking for her first hit of the day.

Sam swinging the bat...

...and fouling the ball off down the first base line.

Sam lining up the bat and the ball...

...and fouling off another pitch.

Sam catching a fly ball while playing second base.

Samantha ready for a hit!

Sam lined up her swing and made contact with the ball...

...driving it into the outfield...

...and racing to first base...

...before taking a wide turn and heading to second base when no one covered the bag.

Sam taking a big lead off of second base.

Sam racing towards third base...

...and making it standing up safely.

Sam got a big lead off third base as well...

...before stealing home despite the attempt to distract her by the opposing player.

Sam was encouraging her teammates while in the field.

Sam ready for action at second base.

Sam made goof contact with the ball...

...and kept her eye on it during her follow through.


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