Game 13

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June 17th, 2014              

    Samantha and her Holly Red teammates headed into the final week of the season in first place, and ready to head into the championship game by holding their own in the final two games. Their opponent today had only suffered 4 defeats so far this season, and the parents on the other team were shocked to see a girl on the team (and even more so when they spotted the second girl!). Thankfully Sam showed them what she was made of with good fielding and some timely hits as well, as her team easily won the game by a score of 14-4. The victory meant that their spot in the championship game was secured, with the result of the final game meaningless in the standings.

Game 13 - at Fenton 3

Samantha keeping an eye on the batter from her position at second base.

Sam ready to catch the throw from the catcher on a steal attempt.

Sam watching a ball sail outside while at the plate.

Sam back at second base.

Sam looking for a hit...

...and swinging at the first good pitch she saw...

...and running out of the batters box before her swing is even finished.

Sam watching the warm-ups while at second base.

Sam moving over to back up a throw.

Sam looking for the throw from home as an opponent looks to steal second base.

Sam throwing the ball back to the pitcher.


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