Game 14

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June 19th, 2014              

    Since Samantha and her teammates have already clinched the best record in their division they really had nothing to play for today. Because of this the coaches took advantage of the opportunity to use kids in different positions. Sam, for example, played in the outfield for the first time all season, while some of the other kids got a chance to pitch. Although the kids were trying hard, some of the position switches wound up costing the team some runs, especially the pitching changes. Sam continued swinging a good bat, even though it didn't result any hits. The kids made a valiant effort in their attempt to secure a victory, but they wound up on the short end of a 9-6 score when the game was all over.

Game 14 - at Linden 3

Samantha playing in the field at second base.

Sam playing in left field for the first time all season long.

Sam swinging at a good pitch...

...and watching the ball on her follow through.

Sam back at her usual position of second base.

Sam with another solid swing...

...and follow through.

Sam in the outfield once again today.


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