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June 1st, 2014              

    Today's game was one that Samantha and her teammates probably should have won a little more handily, but mistakes practically doomed them. Fortunately for them they were able to pull off a big rally in the final inning to secure a heart-attack inducing 12-11 victory. Once again Sam went hitless, but she did reach base every time she batted thanks to her ever increasing walk totals. She didn't see a lot of action in the field today, either, so no mistakes made there. Aside from a couple of innings where the Holly Red team made several throwing errors, it was walks that nearly doomed them today. The pitching was off throughout the game, and several of the runs that the Lake Fenton team scored were via the walk. That made this game tough to watch, but the comeback at the end made it worthwhile!

Game 3 - vs. Lake Fenton 1

Samantha waiting for the action to get underway while manning second base.

Sam looking for a good pitch to hit.

Sam on second base after a walk and a steal.

Sam rounding third base on her teammates hit.

Sam back in the field at second base.

Sam doing her best to keep the runner close to the bag.

Sam looking for a hit once again.

Sam heading to first after being walked again.

Sam getting a big lead off of first base.

Sam taking a lead off of second after a successful steal of the base.

A close up of Sam on the base path.

Sam waiting to make a move on third base.


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