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October 15th, 2014              

    The last time Samantha and her Holly Bronchos teammates played against Clio it was a road trip that resulted in a 45-24 loss. The girls weren't able to score any additional points in today's contest, but they were able to greatly reduce the amount of points that they allowed... unfortunately it wasn't nearly enough to result in a victory in the rematch. I don't think that any of the girls can say that they played their best today, though I wasn't able to attend the entire game today to be certain. Needless to say, the girls were disappointed with not being able to avenge the previous defeat in today's 33-24 loss.

Bronchos Game 10 - vs. Clio Carter Middle School

Samantha playing defense against the opposing team's primary ball handler.

Sam passing the ball to her teammate.

Sam moving her feet while playing defense.

Sam guiding her man into a double team.

Sam with her hands up on defense once again.

Sam and her teammates getting some advice from their coach during a timeout.

Sam chuckling with her teammates before inbounding the ball.

Sam with a quick point while inbounding the basketball.

Sam lining up a pass to a teammate...

...and throwing it to the corner.

Sam dribbling the ball between the circles.

Sam getting ready to make a pass to another teammate.

Samantha dribbling the ball up the court in the second half.

Sam looking to make a pass.

The final score was a 33-24 defeat for the Lady Bronchos, their second loss of the season to the Clio team.


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