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October 22nd, 2014              

    Samantha and her fellow 8th grade Holly Basketball team members took to the court for the last time today as they took on the Lightning from Lapeer. Despite a close first quarter, this game was never really in question. Sam did her part to stake her team to a lead in the first half, scoring 8 points while also doing her part defensively. Sam didn't score in the second half, but her offense wasn't really needed. Several of her teammates provided some unexpected scoring off the bench to lead the way. In addition to the bonus scoring, all of the girls did their part on the defensive end, resulting in a bunch of steals at both ends of the court. When the game ended, the score resulted in a 39-26 victory for the lady Bronchos, their 7th win of the season against 4 losses (to just 2 teams). Great year girls!

Bronchos Game 12 - vs. Lapeer Middle School

Samantha opened the scoring by grabbing the opening tip and racing down the floor for a layup

Sam playing man-to-man defense.

Sam pulling up for a short jumper.

Sam watching as her pass heads to her teammate.

Sam taking another jump shot.

Sam leaping for a rebound amongst a couple of Lapeer players...

...and being draped in flailing arms in the process.

Sam looking to make a move with the basketball.

Sam went up strong on this shot...

...and wound up being fouled in the process.

Samantha missed the free-throw, however.

Sam had her hands up high while defending the inbounds pass.

Sam dribbling the ball down the court...

...and pulling up for a floating jumper.

Sam driving out of the lane after securing a defensive rebound.

Sam taking up another short shot.

Sam taking a break as an opposing player shoots a free-throw.

Samantha racing down the court with the ball in the second half...

...before heading to the rim for a layup attempt...

...and getting fouled in the process.

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