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October 6th, 2014              

    Samantha and her Holly Bronchos teammates were looking forward to the rematch with the girls from Fenton since their first game against each other this season, a tough loss for the Holly girls. Despite being outnumbered (16 players for Fenton versus 9 for Holly) and drastically outsized (Sam knows one of the players for Fenton who is 5'10", and she's not the tallest player on the team while our tallest girl is probably about 5'6"), the girls gave it their all and played their hardest. Unfortunately, they weren't only competing against the girls from Fenton, but against two horrible refs as well. They decided to make themselves a part of the action as well, and they wound up tossing me from the game after I had my say with them (nothing vulgar or out of line, just enough to get under their skin apparently). Needless to say I didn't get to see the end of the game, which wound up in a 41-33 defeat for the Lady Bronchos. Samantha was frustrated as well, and she wound up scoring only two points while not playing her best game of the season.

Bronchos Game 7 - vs. Andrew G. Schmidt Middle School

Samantha racing down the court after making a steal early in the game.

Sam surveying the court while in position on defense.

Sam in position on defense.

Sam taking a floater in the lane.

Sam with another contested shot.

Sam standing next to a much taller opponent while waiting for a free-throw to be shot.

Sam looking to inbound the ball (while the ref who ejected me counts nearby).

Sam rolling on the floor while getting a jump ball call.

Sam playing tight man-to-man defense.

Sam battling for a rebound in the lane.

Samantha and her teammates getting some direction during a timeout.

Sam driving around her man towards the basket.

Sam trying to grab a rebound on the defensive end.

Sam looking for the rebound to come her way.

Sam fighting for another rebound.

Sam with her arms up on defense.

Sam looking to inbounds the ball.

Sam getting into the lane with the ball...

...and taking a contested shot.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court.

Sam and her teammates on defense.

Sam getting ready to take a shot.

Sam taking a jumper near the free-throw line.


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