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October 8th, 2014              

    After suffering a heartbreaking defeat in their last game, Samantha and her Holly Bronchos teammates were looking to erase that memory and get a victory in their rematch game with the girls from Swartz Creek. Their last meeting was dominated by Holly, and it appeared for a while that this game was going to be much the same. Holly jumped out to a big lead, but Swartz Creek clawed back to make it a game. They never really got close, but the remainder of the game was highly competitive, and got chippy at times as there was occasional pushing and even a technical foul by a Creek player. Thankfully the Holly girls put the game away late in the third quarter and hung on to the big lead throughout the fourth. Sam wound up scoring 5 points in the 44-25 victory.

Bronchos Game 8 - at Swartz Creek Middle School

Samantha grabbing the ball on the opening jump.

Sam dribbling the ball down the court.

Sam shooting a free throw after being fouled.

Sam with her hands up on defense.

Sam guarding the other teams best ball handler.

Sam driving towards into the lane...

...and finding an open teammate for the shot.

Sam dribbling the ball up the court once again.

Sam making a pass to an open teammate.

Sam putting on the brakes while dribbling the ball up the court.

Samantha taking a jumper in the lane.

Sam catching a pass from her teammate.

Sam driving through a defenders arm.

Sam with her arms up on defense once again.

Sam taking a jump shot in the second half.

Sam with an open look at the rim.

Sam with the ball on the wing.

Sam taking another jump shot.

Sam with the ball, ready to make a pass to her teammate.

Sam guarding the ball as it comes down the court.

The final score resulted in a 44-25 victory for the Lady Bronchos.


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