Game 9

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October 13th, 2014              

    Samantha and her teammates won a close battle in their last game against the girls from Brandon Middle School, and they were hoping for another victory in the rematch. Although the Brandon girls are much taller than the Holly girls, they managed to hold their own in today's game. The rebounding numbers surely favored Brandon, but the jump ball numbers were in favor of Holly, as were the number of steals. Sam played a really good game today as well, despite not grabbing as many rebounds as she is used to getting. She wound up scoring 7 points, making 3 steals, causing 5 jump balls, and she also took a charge. In addition to her ball handling and offensive duties, she was also tasked with guarding Brandon's tallest player who was also their primary ball handler. All in all it was a good game for Sam, and a good game for her entire team, as they managed to secure a 36-25 victory even after being tied at 14-14 at halftime.

Bronchos Game 9 - vs. Brandon Middle School

Samantha securing the ball in the lane as Brandon applies pressure.

Sam dribbling the ball towards the lane.

Sam doing her best to guard the inbounds pass by a much taller player.

Another look at Sam trying to guard the inbounds pass.

Sam down on the ground forcing a jump ball.

Sam defending the inbounds play once again.

Sam protecting the ball.

Sam taking a short jumper from just outside the lane.

Sam driving around her defender.

Sam getting some words of encouragement from her coach, who asked her is she was having a bad day, broke up with her boyfriend, or something... it must have helped lighten the mood, as Sam played much better after their conversation.

Sam attacking the lane with the ball.

Sam maintaining control of the ball with a defender in her face.

Sam taking an outside jump shot.

Sam getting to the lane for a layup attempt...

...that found the bottom of the net.

Sam lined up defending an inbounds play.

Sam took an elbow to the face that gave her a very red spot with a bit of a bump above her eye.

Sam boxing out a Brandon girl.

Sam taking a jump shot.

Sam dribbling the ball down the court while forcing the action.

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