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April 27th, 2014              

    Samantha once again started in goal for La Forza's second game of the season, a home game against the Michigan Alliance FC 01 Girls Grey team. Behind Sam's strong play in goal the girls managed to maintain a 0-0 score going into halftime. Like last week, she moved to the field in the second half. Although they managed to get some quality time in their own offensive zone, they could never really muster any good scoring chances. The shots that they did manage to get off were from too far out in the field to be considered quality shots. After allowing the Alliance team to take a 1-0 lead, the girls did the best that they could to even things up. Unfortunately they weren't able to do so, and a last minute (literally) goal by the Alliance team secured a 2-0 defeat for La Forza.

Game 2 - vs. Michigan Alliance FC 01 Girls Grey

Samantha started today's game in goal.

Sam lining up a kick as the ball rolls towards her...

...and watching it fly down field on the follow through.

Sam making an easy save.

Sam drop kicking the ball away...

...and watching as it heads to her teammates.

Sam making a save with some traffic around her.

Sam and an opposing player colliding as the ball rolls away.

Sam in net as the opposing team takes a corner kick.

Samantha making another save.

Sam lining up a goal kick...

...and watching her follow through.

Sam kicking the ball away once again.

Sam charging out of the net to keep the opposition from getting a clean shot on goal.

In the second half Samantha moved to the field. Here she is taking the ball away from an opposing player.

Sam lining up a pass between two opposing players.

Sam dribbling the ball past midfield.

Sam gaining control of the ball while helping out in the defensive end.

Sam making a pass along the sideline.

Sam and an opposing player going after the ball.

Sam dribbling the ball down the field once again.

Sam driving around an opponent.

Sam kicking the ball down the field.


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