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May 4th, 2014              

    While today's game did not result in their first victory of the season, the La Forza girls did manage to secure their first draw. Samantha started in the field, which is a switch from the usual pattern. She played pretty well while in the field, and I still contend that this is where I would like to see her play full time. She moved into the net in the second half, where she managed to keep the MESA team off the board. After giving up a goal in the first half, the La Forza girls finally managed to score their first goal of the spring late in the game to tie things up, leading to the draw as time expired. After the game Sam told her coach that she would be willing to move to goal full time for a few games, although I suspect that she would occasionally like to see some time in the field as well.

Game 3 - vs. Mid Michigan Elite MESA Momentum 01

Samantha controlling the ball and looking for a pass.

Sam going after the ball along the sideline.

Sam changing direction with the ball...

...and trying to drive past the defenders.

Sam lining up a corner kick...

...and watching the follow through.

Sam dribbling the ball down the field.

Sam fighting for the ball along the sideline.

Sam slowing the ball down while keeping it from a defender.

Samantha getting her hands on the ball in net.

Sam watching as a penalty kick heads her way.

Sam kicking the ball away down the field...

...and watching as it heads towards her teammates.

Sam grabbing a shot from the side of the net.

Sam leaping high in the air to knock the ball up and away from the net.

Sam going to the ground to make a save.

Sam kicking the ball away after making a save.


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