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May 11th, 2014              

    Some games you just want to see end. This was one of those games. It didn't seem as though the girls had their hearts into the game today. They fell behind early on a penalty kick that was just out of Samantha's reach. She repeated her mistake from yesterday, kicking a ball out low that allowed the opposition to kick the ball over her head and into the net. By this point I was so frustrated that I don't even recall how the third goal occurred. The La Forza girls managed to score their second goal of the season in today's game, so at least they had that positive going for them. The final score was 3-1, but in a lot of ways it didn't even see that close.

Game 5 - at MPSA Crush 2001 MFG

Samantha lining up a goal kick...

...that stayed a little on the low side.

Sam faced her first penalty kick this season...

...and just couldn't quite get her hands on the ball as it settled in the back of the net.

Sam taking another goal kick...

...that managed to get higher in the air, as expected.

Sam drop kicking the ball away after making a save...

...and watching as it soars down the field towards her teammates.

Sam getting ready for another drop kick.

Sam managed to get her hands on this ball as she dove, knocking it out play.

Samantha directing traffic in front of the net on a corner kick.

Sam fought through the crowd to get her hands on the ball...

...but she bobbled it. Thankfully the bobble didn't cost her tea a goal.

Sam was frustrated with how today's game was going.

Sam came out to challenge the opposing player on this particular play, and she managed to kick the ball away from her before she could do any damage.

Sam kicking the ball away once again.

Sam lept into the air to get her hands on this shot...

...knocking it high into the air.

Sam was able to make an easy save on this shot attempt...

...bending down to scoop the ball up with no problem.


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