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June 3rd, 2014              

    After being postponed due to rain - twice - Samantha and her La Forza teammates were finally able to complete their final game of the 2014 spring season. After strong play in the Canton Cup Tournament over Memorial Day weekend, the girls came out prepared today. Of course, the MESA team didn't roll over for them, and they challenged Sam plenty of times during her time in goal over the course of the first half of action. She managed to keep them off the board, and the two teams headed to halftime tied 0-0. Sam had told her coach that she would prefer to play the whole game in the field today, but she also didn't want to let the team down - she is the only goalkeeper on the team. The compromise was half of the game in each spot. She spent the second half playing midfield, and she had some nice moments dribbling the ball. She also got an opportunity for a corner kick, which was about as good as she could make it, but unfortunately her teammates weren't able to knock the ball into the net for her. While the MESA team had possession of the ball for the majority of the first half, it was primarily La Forza's ball in the second half. One cross field pass to an open teammate resulted in the lone goal of the game, giving La Forza a 1-0 lead and their first victory of the season!

Game 6 - at Mid Michigan Elite MESA Momentum

Samantha started in goal today, and saw plenty of action throughout the first half.

Sam lining up a goal kick...

...and sending the ball into a stiff headwind.

Sam holding tightly onto the ball after making a save.

Sam setting up a drop kick...

...and making contact with the ball...

...before watching his soar high into the air down the field to her teammates.

Samantha dove to make the save in this shot...

...but let it go when she realized it was going out of bounds.

Sam knocking down another shot on goal.

Sam picking up another save.

Sam bending down to scoop up the ball in front of an opposing player...

...and then doing her best to avoid contact.

Sam taking another drop kick...

...and sending the ball down the field.

Sam making contact with an opposing player...

...and then taking a moment to recover.

Sam keeping an eye on the opposition while her teammates watch the ball during a corner kick.

Sam watching a ball that was knocked high into the air...

...before coming down on top of the goal.

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