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May 17th, 2014              

    Sometimes when things are going bad it takes a lot to change the negative momentum. Today's game was a prime example of this, as the girls continued their negative play from last weekend into the action today, and they could never manage any positive activity on the field. They fell behind early, and things never got better. They eventually fell by a score of 6-0, though I swore I counted 7 goals against during the course of the game. Samantha hadn't been feeling the greatest for the past few days, but she managed to stay in goal the entire game. I was hoping, since the score was already out of hand, that the coach would give her a break in the second half, but that did not happen. Sam had to suffer with the rest of her team for each of the goals they allowed.

Game 7 - at Michigan Alliance FC 02 Girls

Samantha drop kicking the ball away after making a save early in the game.

Sam kicking a ball low on the turf.

Sam making a save in a crowd of players from both teams.

Sam lining up another drop kick...

...and watching the ball as it heads down the field.

Sam bending over to make another save.

Sam kicking the ball away after it went out of bounds over the end line...

...and watching as it takes flight.

Sam did her best to get a hand on this ball as it flew past her.

Sam in position behind a wall of teammates on a penalty kick.

Sam making the easy save on the penalty kick.

Sam kicking the ball away once again.

Sam making another save in a crowd of players.

Sam managed to reach up to grab this shot.

Sam kicking the ball down the field.

Sam managed to knock this ball over the net, where it bounced off the football crossbar...

...after which she grab the ball, as the players thought that play was still alive.

Sam just missed this ball as she laid out to try and grab it.


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