Blue Game 8

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April 6th, 2014              

    Samantha was supposed to sub for the La Forza U13 Blue team (the "A" team to Sam's "B" team) once again, but for some unknown reason the opposition didn't show. They wound up scrimmaging against two different boys teams instead. The girls held their own against the first team, but the second team was a tougher battle. They wound up allowing a goal to this group, and they were unable to get an equalizer against them.

U13 Blue Game 8 - Eastside Kickers 01

Samantha going after a loose ball.

Sam trying to get in front of an opposing player who has control of the ball.

Another look at Sam playing defense.

Sam running down the field.

Sam chasing after the ball.

Sam trying to get the ball from the opposing team.

Sam doing her best to hold off an opposing player...

...while battling for the ball...

...and then making a move around him.

Sam getting pushed but maintaining control of the ball...

...and then getting shoved off of it.

Sam watching as the ball heads towards her teammate.

Sam and her teammates gathering after the game.


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