Game 3

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March 16th, 2014              

    Despite being promised some field time today, Samantha spent the entire game in goal once again. Although she was a little frustrated, she didn't let it affect her play. She had a good game in goal, allowing one to slip past her but doing enough to help her team secure a 2-1 victory.

Game 3 - vs. Birch Run Elite SC

Samantha watching the action unfold down the field while standing in net.

Sam lining up a goal kick...

...and watching as the ball heads down the field.

Sam doing her best to cradle the ball as she makes a save...

...and hanging on tight.

Sam lining up another goal kick...

...and watching the ball head down the field.

Sam scooping up a shot on goal for the save.

Sam making another save.

Sam setting up a drop kick...

...and her follow through.

Sam making another save.

Sam rolling the ball out to a teammate after making a save.


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