Game 6

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March 23rd, 2014              

    Samantha started the second game of the day in goal once again, and played well enough to keep her team in the game until halftime. Although she allowed one goal, her team did little to help her on either end of the field - they were unable to sustain any offensive attack and the defense seemed to be lacking as well. Unfortunately for Sam she wound up taking a kick directly to the head while making a save towards the end of the half, and due to the pain and the growing egg-shaped lump sprouting from her forehead she was forced to sit out the second half of the game. Her team could have used her, as they struggled their way to a 4-1 defeat without her on the field.

Game 6 - Mi Arrows U14G

Samantha lining up a goal kick...

...and booting the ball down the field...

...before watching it head towards her teammates.

Sam in goal watching as the ball is passed around in front of her.

Sam kicking the ball away...

...towards a defensive teammate.

Sam drop the ball...

...for a kick...

...down the field.

Sam moving to her left while tracking the ball...

...before the ball managed to get past her on her right.

Sam jumping up to make a save.

Samantha went down to make a save, but wound up getting kicked in the head in the process.


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