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April 5th, 2014              

    Samantha got the chance to play the entire game today in the field today thanks to Spring Break week bringing subs to the team. One of the subs brought in for the games this weekend is the regular goalie from the U13 Blue team, and she spent the entire game today in net. The team that the girls faced today was in a similar position, as they had subs from several teams working together as well. In fact, Sam was upset because their goalie has played on the U15 team for La Forza in the past. Also not helping today was the refereeing, as the MESA team was quite pushy to start the game, but when our girls started pushing back the opposition took to falling down. The refs fell for this trick, calling several fouls on the La Forza girls, including two that resulted in direct kicks on goal from inside the goalie box (basically amounting to a penalty shot). The MESA team was able to convert one of these goals, along with two others during the course of the game. The La Forza girls did manage a goal of their own late in the second half, but they could not sustain any consistent pressure, resulting in a 3-1 defeat.

Game 7 - MESA Mayhem

Samantha moving towards the ball.

Sam watching the action take place across the field.

Sam moving towards the defender controlling the ball.

Sam lunging towards the ball...

...planting her foot on it...

...and sending it towards the goal.

Sam watching the action unfold in front of her.

Sam gaining control of the ball...

...and turning to make a pass ahead to her teammate.

Sam standing on the field waiting for substitutions to complete.


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