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April 6th, 2014              

    The final game of the season took place bright and early on a Sunday morning, at 7am against the R S Field Group. This team was obviously a step below the La Forza girls, and the coach made sure to move the girls around a bit today. The goalie from yesterday started the game and stayed in net until halftime, when a bunch of girls started rotating through the position. Sam was in net for around 3 minutes total today. She played well in the field, and the team nearly completed a shutout, narrowly missing by one goal against a girl who was obviously not comfortable in net. By the time the game was completed the girls had secured a 5-1 victory.

Game 8 - R S Field Group

Samantha holding off the opposition while passing the ball to a teammate.

Sam dribbling the ball.

Sam battling through a push to control the ball.

Sam making a move past a defender.

Sam performing a corner kick.

Sam knocking down the ball to gain control of it.

Sam during her brief period in goal.

Samantha driving the ball past a defender.

Sam taking a hard push from an opposing player...

...and dishing out one of her own...

...before moving the ball along.

Sam stopping the ball.

Sam making a move around a defender...

...and kicking the ball away.


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