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November 21st, 2014              

    Although the final score didn't reflect it, the girls actually played quite well today. They had several opportunities to score, but they weren't able to convert any of them. They limited the opposing teams time in their offensive zone, but two breakaway opportunities was all it took to seal the deal. When the final horn sounded, the score was a 2-0 defeat for the Impact, with one of the goals coming in the final minute of play.

Michigan Impact Indoor Game 3 - vs. UFC 01G GR

Samantha on the field with her teammates prior to the start of the game.

Sam trying to use her body to knock the ball down.

Sam and her teammate double teaming an opposing player in an attempt to steal the ball.

Sam settling the ball down with her body.

Sam getting ready to receive a pass from her teammate.

Sam going after the ball...

...and knocking it between an opposing players legs...

...while attempting to avoid the collision.

Sam dribbling the ball down the field.

Sam going back on defense...

...and stopping the opposing player from going down the field.

Although the scoreboard didn't yet show the last minute goal, the final score of today's game was a 2-0 defeat for the Impact team.


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