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December 5th, 2014              

    There seems to be a pattern emerging with the Impact team during this indoor session... play well, get several shots on goal, fail to convert those shots, have a couple of defensive lapses, and lose the game due to those lapses. That describes their last game, and this one as well, both of which wound up being 2-0 losses. Samantha started today's game in goal, as the regular keeper wasn't able to make it to the game. She played OK overall, especially considering how long it has been since she has been in net. She wound up allowing one goal, on a breakaway shot that slipped just under her diving body. She moved into the field for the last 15 minutes or so, but she wasn't able to help her team get on the board. The Carpathia team iced the game by scoring on Sam's replacement on a similar breakaway goal. It's tough to watch the girls lose, especially since they aren't playing poorly overall, but it does show them where they have room to improve.

Michigan Impact Indoor Game 4 - vs. Carpathia Kickers

Samantha in goal waiting for the game to get underway.

Sam reached out for this shot that wound up rolling wide of the net.

Sam got beat on this shot up and over her head.

Sam blocked this ball with her hands...

...knocking it to the ground...

...before she was able to secure it.

Sam lining up a drop kick...

...and booting the ball...

...and sending it down the field.

Sam lining up a goal kick...

...and making contact with the ball...

...before sending it to a teammate.

Sam kicking the ball away.

Sam dribbling the ball after being moved to the field.

Sam passing the ball ahead to a teammate.

Sam dribbling the ball down the field with an opposing player giving chase.

The final score was yet another loss, this time by a 2-0 score.


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