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May 8th, 2014              

    Track and field meets are a very difficult sporting event to sit through. Today Samantha ran one of the early races in the meet, and then she ran in the last race of the day. This leads to a lot of down time during an event that lasts nearly 3 1/2 hours! Needless to say, Sam's team did pretty well overall. They handily beat the team from Swartz Creek, but lost to the Grand Blanc East team. I would say some events were pretty competitive, but others were not even close. In those races there tended to be a sizable gap from Grand Blanc to Holly, and from Holly to Swartz Creek. Sa did well in her two races today (the 4x200m relay and the 4x100m relay), but her team faltered in both races, as they settled for third and second, respectively.

Track & Field Meet - vs. Grand Blanc East M.S. and Swartz Creek M.S.

Samantha taking the handoff in the 4x200m relay.

Sam pulling away as she rounds the curves.

Sam running hard, trying to catch the girl ahead of her.

Sam evening things up on the back straightaway.

Sam handing off the baton to her teammate for the next leg of the race.

Here Sam is taking the baton during the last race of the night, the 4x100m relay.

Sam did her best to stay close to the Grand Blanc runner nearest her.

Sam almost managed to pass the girl next to her.

Sam handing off the baton to her teammate for the third leg of the race.

Sam heading across the infield to the finish line in an attempt to see her team finish the race.


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