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December 10th, 2014              

    Samantha and her teammates played some of their worst volleyball of the season at the start of today's match, dropping the first two games in dramatic fashion. In fact, they only managed a grand total of 5 points in the second game. The fought back, however, and took the third and final match to at least make the outcome somewhat respectable.

Bronchos Game 10 - vs. Davison Middle School

Samantha knocking the ball over the net.

Sam spiking the ball over the net.

Sam setting the ball for her teammates.

Another shot of Sam setting up her teammates.

And one more.

Sam lining up a serve...

...and hitting the ball...

...before watching it fly over the net.

Sam ready to make a play.

Sam tossing the ball into the air...

...and serving it over the net.

Another serve by Samantha.


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