Game 12

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December 17th, 2014              

    In the final match of the season, Samantha and her teammates faced off against the Clio Mustangs. While everyone was hoping to see them go out on a high note, it wasn't meant to be. While they played better today than they have in their last few matches, it was only good enough to make the games close, and not nearly enough to give them a single game win. They had some good stretches of play, but somehow they weren't able to secure a point on their long volleys. While the girls are disappointed in how the season ended, they managed to learn a lot and improve themselves throughout the year. Sam is saying that this is her final season of volleyball, but we shall see if she changes her mind next year. She was the only girl to play every point of every match on her team this season... there must be a reason for that, right?

Bronchos Game 12 - at Clio Carter Middle School

Samantha lining up a serve.

Sam setting the ball up for her teammates.

Sam and her teammates celebrating a point.

Sa ready to guard the net.

Sam leaping up to block a shot.


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