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November 17th, 2014              

    Samantha and her Holly Bronchos teammates played their second match of the season at home against the Lapeer Lightning. It looked like this might be an easy day for the Bronchos, as they won the first set fairly easily. The tide turned in the second set, however, as they got the ball stuffed on their side of the court with ease. The third set looked like Lapeer was going to go home with the victory, as they built up a big lead. Thankfully one of Sam's teammates got on a roll serving the ball, bringing the girls to within one point before Lapeer finally managed to get a win. Their time serving was short-lived, and Sam was up to serve next. She too got on a roll, serving up several aces as well as some shots that the Lapeer girls weren't able to play cleanly. It was a nail biter, but the Bronchos managed to win the final set in come from behind upset fashion, giving them the match 2-1.

    I do have to apologize for today's pictures. I spent too much time watching the game as the intensity increased and wound up missing everything but Sam's serves! I promise to do better next time!

Bronchos Game 2 - vs. Lapeer Middle School

Samantha tossing the ball up for a serve...

...and reaching back... drive the ball over the net.

Sam throwing the ball into the air for another serve...

...before winding up...

...and knocking the ball over the net.

Samantha serving the ball during the second set.

Sam tossing the ball into the air...

...and winding up...

...before hitting the ball...

...and watching it sail over the net.

Sam readying another serve.


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