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November 19th, 2014              

    Samantha and her Holly Bronchos teammates traveled to Flushing to take on the newest addition to the Flint Metro League, the Flushing Raiders. The first match to take place (prior to Sam's match) resulted in a Holly loss, and looking at the size of the Flushing girls Sam's team was going to have to play their best today to secure a victory. Unfortunately, none of the girls had their best game today, and they struggled throughout the contest. I think the girls were a little shaken up, as one of their teammates was injured prior to the start of the game, and nobody was sure just how bad the injury was. It turned out to be a minor concussion, caused by a hit to the face by a volleyball that was kicked by one of the boys at the school. Just goes to show how dangerous horseplay can be. Thankfully she is ok, and that the girls have a chance to redeem themselves from this three game defeat.

    Once again I have to apologize for the pictures. Last game I spent too much time watching the game, and today I was forced to sit low on the bleachers, and the view was usually obscured by other players. I was prepared today, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Bronchos Game 3 - at Flushing Middle School

Samantha was the setter today, meaning that she should be the second person to hit the ball each time.

Sam going down for the ball once again.

Sam lining up a serve...

...and watching after completing her follow through.

Sam keeping an eye on the ball on the opposite side of the court.

Sam throwing the ball into the air...

...and hitting it on another serve.


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