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December 1st, 2014              

    The 8th grade volleyball team is on a losing streak, and it seams as though there is no end in sight. Things have taken a turn for the worse lately, and the girls seem to lack any level of consistency. They will go on a run of several good plays in a row, and then follow that up with a bunch of bad plays. This game was no different, as they lost two of the three games. For the most part, Samantha is serving the ball well, but she is hit or miss while on the court. That goes for the majority of the girls though, which explains their record to this point.

Bronchos Game 6 - vs. Kearsley Armstrong Middle School

Samantha hitting the ball.

Sam setting the ball up for her teammates.

Sam tossing the ball into the air...

...before hitting it...

...and sending it over the net.

Another shot of Sam serving the ball.

Sam looking back as her team serves the ball.

Sam in her ready position while waiting for the opposing team to serve the ball.

Sam tossing the ball into the air...

...and lining up her serve...

...before driving the ball over the net.


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