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December 3rd, 2014              

    The streak continues, now reaching 5 matches. The girls played each of the games close today, but they could only manage to secure the victory in one of them. Like the last game, Samantha served fairly well (she is probably one of the better servers on her team), but the girls make just enough mistakes to prevent them from winning. Their lack of height hurts them as well, as only one of the girls is really tall enough to challenge at the net on a regular basis.

Bronchos Game 7 - at Carman-Ainsworth Middle School

Samantha going down for the dig.

Sam lobbing the ball up...

...and driving it over the net.

Sam running forward to set the ball up for a teammate.

Sam serving the ball once again.

Sam doing her best to position herself on the court.

Sam setting the ball up.

Sam ready to guard the net.

Another serve by Sam.

Sam lining up another serve...

...and sending it over the net.


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