Tyler's 15th Birthday

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August 10th, 2014              

    Tyler wanted his cousin Skyler to be able to attend his birthday party, so we quickly threw together a plan to celebrate with the family a week early. In addition to Skyler, Tyler was able to celebrate turning 15 with both sets of grandparents, as well as his Uncle Steven and his cousin Lilly. Tyler would like to send out a giant thank you to everyone who made it to his special day! Since all Tyler wanted this year was money, there aren't many pictures of him opening pictures or any of him opening a present. He was quite pleased with his haul, though!

Samantha's Family Birthday Party

Tyler posing with the cake that he made and frosted.

Tyler was slightly embarrassed when "Happy Birthday" was sung to him.

Tyler giving a wink at the end of the song.

Tyler blowing out his candles.

Tyler being photo-bombed by his Grandma Gail.

Tyler cutting (another) cake while Jayden looks on.

Tyler still cutting the cake with Jay and Lilly keeping an eye on him.

Tyler holding up one of his cards full of money.

Tyler giving his family the evil-eye after opening another card.


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